Elbow pain relief

elbow pain reliefHello  Carrie Crowley here. On the lol joint pain related pages: a do it yourself joint pain elite dot com. In here in step one. I’m gonna teach you to release your triceps a muscle call you break your adls and that cracks in the robo here. And a muscle %uh in the top of your former. All three of which can be causing your elbow joint pain. So the first thing we’re gonna do is a manner leisure tricep muscles. And your triceps basically run down the back here on the muscles that can straighten out your. And if they are tight in the valley so the muscles a lot of times you feel it where they attaching a row other elysa whole on the joint you feel it here but the problem is up here. So we’re going to the press whole moved technique on is triceps were basically feel into the tissue and you feel for words tied. Because when it’s time to it I’m sorry

You feel words tender. Because tender greens too tight and two-time means it’s yankee and the joint. Safety over for tenders tender spots in these triceps and then you find it ends by the press on you hold and then you move that muscle underneath the pressure in your joint and basically do that by straightening out. And then you’re our you feel that muscle move on your tissue so that the press whole new technique and basically he do that through this whole area and release all the time tissue I hypersensitive time. That alone with this release and Noble joint pain you have are. You can also do that

Press police technique where you’re pressing polling on that tender spot releasing pressing polling on that tender spot releasing. Never massaging massaging it is going to be a waste of your time Press police press police or Press whole movie press/ho who i’ll do that. I okay so now %uh step 1b. Who in a release a muscle call you break your et al us in the cracks at you lol. So if you take here if you take your hand and you rested on me so I or part lol kinda like this with your thumb facing up your pinky facing down and

Take your other than. Put in a crook said we’re all here. And if you can’t press I’m currently over at your little bit been pressing into the average. There is a muscle called right there on your break a real ass help band your former. So that opengl on. So basically as you do this you feel that muscle one day here unused Tom this is the press whole new technique. And it’s not tender its fine I’m a little tender appear little closer to my bicep that’s a little tender so as I release that. The preso luv that is my joint that much more freedom to move without being in pain. So that is a step 1b. 1c hi the area recommend below is I’m gonna release your your souvenir muscle basically per year in on his pillow here your lap or the armored chair. When you press in this issue based on the upper for the upper corner. A particular order here for that he turned again like this and poke around you know the muscle and your thought on that does that. He and if you press hold and move that muscle and you tissue it will tend to let go. And again create that although so it’s not going to work done. So that’s the press all new technique they’re. He and as always you can always just not move and do the press police press pulleys Press police press police and again. You’re working with that issue mike is clay or saran wrap you are not massaging it cuz thats gonna get you nowhere. So that’s step one. And I will see you at step two. Thank you.