Knee Exercises

Knee ExercisesThe   like the home hi Lisa George from Center works dot com with today’s Pilates fitness tips. Today

Wanna show you a quick and easy exercise such a practice almost anywhere to help strengthen themuscles around the knee cap and learn how to stabilize the joint to avoid locking the needs. I like to call this the kneecap dance but in technical terms the kneecap is called the patella. So this is actually a patella tracking exercise that has the added benefit at helping to strengthen the quadriceps and stabilize the knee. Executed correctly. You’ll be improving the muscle control and support for your knee joint. And learning how not to jam the kneecap back and cost painter Lockney. Okay are you ready. I’d encourage you to either wear shorts to get started her role your pant legs up. So that you can see your niece. Sit down on the floor on-demand on the floor and center focuses on posture today if you wanna sit with your back against the wall so you only have to pay attention yunis and not worry about your corn your back muscles working to help the set-top. I’m fine with that. Extend both legs straight out in front of you. If you’re feeling a hamstring stretch here’s another muscle that needs some attention to help your knees feel better. But will say that topic for another day. If you want to take a bit of a stretch of set up on a farm but a foot still maybe even in a chair. It’s important that you have straight but and lockneys to practice exercise. Alright to start I like to put my fingers on my kneecap until skurdal wiggle it around a little bit you want to be sure that you can identify the difference between when its relaxed and have a little wiggle room. And when it’s lifted

For Anna stable position. If it’s relaxing has some wiggle room you’re in a great starting position. Now take your hands and stroke upward along the inside and the outside at the thigh. Starting right along the side to the and left into about mid thigh. This action uses your hands to help cue the muscles are the quadriceps

Along the front of the thigh. Encourages the lift the kneecap. If you’re watching your kneecap while this is happening you wanna look and notice that your kneecap is lifting up the quadriceps muscle fires. Lift hold for several seconds then release and watch the kneecaps slide back down to its resting relaxed position.

Now that you got your kneecap moving here’s the challenge: place one hand underneath each knee are both hands under 18 you’re practicing with one leg at a time. Now do your kneecap lifting exercise. Its

Did you feel your leg press back into your hand is your knee cap lifted. If your answer is yes you’re locking your knees when you start your leg. Which places more pressure and potential pain on the knee joint.

So keep your hand behind journey until you can move your kneecaps to keep the leg bone straight

And still. If you can mister kneecaps and your leg doesn’t move congratulations you figured out how to do the exercise correctly. That’s it. It’s a simple exercise that you can really do just about anywhere. I like to start seated but eventually you one also practiced this while you’re standing up. You can practice your kneecap dance one leg at a time both kneecaps lifting at the same time and with alternating kneecaps lifting. The right one goes up the left one goes down and then switch. Begin by lifting in holding for five to ten seconds and then relax. And do somewhere around eight to 12 repetitions. If you think about this throughout your day you might end up doing three to five sets. There are many opportunities throughout your day that you could take a minute and do your kneecap dance. You might even put on some good music and make your kneecaps move to the beat. Whenever you practice be sure to avoid locking these why your listing your kneecaps and your on your way to strengthening your knees for better health.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s tip. Please leave me a comment and forward this link on to a friend. My goal is to share these tips and the message of good health with as many people as possible. Your plot is in fitness workouts are just one way you can maintain your health but they’re also lotsa easy things that you can do throughout your day like the kneecap dance to help keep your body strong fit and flexible. Check out more polite his health and wellness resources on my website at Center works dot com. Have fun with your dancing kneecaps and enjoy a fit and fabulous day the home.